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Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) provide the safety of a security net, the low rates of a mortgage, and the convenience of a credit card or checkbook. PLUS, because it is a line of credit, you only pay interest on what you actually use.

A Home Equity Line of Credit functions much like a low interest credit card. A lender gives you a credit line, and you can use that credit line for whatever purposes you desire. You only pay interest payments on the actual amount of money that you borrower. You can pay back some or all of the money, and reuse the credit line again and again.

HELOCs differ from Credit Cards because they have lower interest rates. However, they are secured by your home, which means if you fail to pay back your debt, the lender can try to foreclose on the property.

HELOCs are often used as a safety net. People get them, just in case. If you lose your job, you can use the credit line to help keep the bills paid until you find work again. If you have an emergency, you can use your credit line to pay for it. If you have sudden expenses, such as automobile repairs or medical bills, a HELOC can come in handy. Oftentimes HELOCs are also used to pay for tuition expenses or to help finance an upstart business.

A HELOC can also be used to help pay off other debts. If you have various credit cards at rates higher than the rate of a HELOC, it might make financial sense to pay off those cards with an Equity Line of Credit, consolidating them into one bill and considerably lowering your monthly payments.

By far one of the most useful reasons to get a home equity line of credit is to fund home improvement projects.  Want to redo your kitchen, paint the exterior of your home, or replace some outdated appliances?  Get a checking account and a gold card with your home equity line of credit to spend on the things you need for your home, and enjoy the tax benefits of a mortgage that other finance options don't provide.

Some banks, lenders and mortgage companies offer equity lines of credit at no cost to many borrowers.  No appraisal cost, no attorney fees, no title search fees, no origination fees, no credit report fees. Nothing. Not all borrowers will qualify for Home Equity Lines of Credit or No Cost Equity Lines of Credit. Borrowers must have equity in their home and meet certain credit criteria. Apply Today for your free, no-obligation analysis, and see if a No Cost Equity Line of Credit will work for you!


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